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Monsoon Black (UT)


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0.75 L ($44.83* / 1 L)
UltraThin eco+ Contactadhesive 25.4oz.
0.75 L ($44.83* / 1 L)





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Product information "Monsoon Black (UT)"

Decor: Monsoon Black // Type: Marble

UltraThin eco+ is the most flexible stone veneer in our range. A 3D flexibility is achieved through a cottonmesh based backing material. Still UltraThin eco+ has a 100% natural stone surface!
Through it's low CO2 emition transport because of its' light weight and minimal use of stone on the surface,t UltraThin eco+ is especially ecologically friendly.

The natural fiber matt on the back of UltraThin eco+ allows for simple processing and opens further possibilities for the Interior, in furniture manufacturing or creative areas.
With UltraThin eco+ even complex forms and designs can be mastered without a hastle!

The processing is a very unique factor about UltraThin eco+ : dispite the natural stone surface UltraThin eco+ can be cut with a scissors or carpetknife!

The marble decors from Slate-Lite catch the eye with their split surface with different and constantly changing patterns and structures.
Monsoon Black is a dark decor with a gray-black base color and distinctive line structures.

You can also use our optional photo matching service: Thanks to photo matching, you receive pictures of the currently available batches of material after your order and can therefore choose your personal favorite before delivery!
Thus, despite the 100% natural stone surface with its unique and changing structures of every sheet, you have full control over the look of the stone veneers you receive.

Keyfacts for UltraThin eco+:

  • 100% natural stone surface
  • Total thickness: less than 1/16 inch
  • Weight: approx. 0,3 lbs/ft²
  • Backing: Cottonbase
  • Size tollerance: under 1/8 inch
  • Max. temperature: 140°F (shortterm 176°C)
  • Bendable Radius: 3D formable
  • Application areas: Interior Walls, Furnituremanufacturing, Handicrafts, and fassion.

Important notice:
Slate-Lite is made of layered rock. Color differences in the individual plates and quartz veins that run through the stone, natural cracks or slight chipping may occur.
This is not a complaint reason, but is a feature of the natural stone surface!

All information about UltraThin eco+ can be found in the corresponding Datasheet.
Also use our Instructions for processing.

Please make sure to protect your real stone veneers with suitable impregnators or sealers. Of course we offer you all suitable products for processing, protecting and maintaining your real stone veneers here in our shop.

Properties "Monsoon Black (UT)"
Decor: Monsoon Black


Photo matching of your order goodsSlate-Lite is a real stone veneer and impresses with its natural look and individuality. Add this optional extra to your Slate-Lite purchase and you will receive a photo of a currently available batch via email before the goods are shipped. This allows you to see in advance how your Slate-Lite is designed in detail and color. In order for our team to select your batch as accurately as possible, you can leave us any additional wishes and requirements for your decor in the comments field when completing your order.Please note:  The shipping period starts only after the confirmation of your image selection. For the formats "Stackingstones" and "30x60cm" we do not offer photomatching.

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UltraThin eco+ Contactadhesive 25.4oz.
UltraThin eco+ Contact Adhesive is a one-component contact adhesive that is easy to spread and enables quick contact adhesion.It is optimized to bond EcoStone to a wide variety of substrates - Simply spread on both sides evenly thin and press them firmly together.Ready to usePermanently elasticCompensates for material tensionsWater resistantTemperature resistant up to 176°FContent: 25.4oz.Coverage: approx. 21 - 32sq.ft for doble-sided applicationSuitable for: furniture making, special shapesResilience: mediumSuitable for: Ultrathin eco+Download: Data SheetDownload: Safety Data Sheet

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Pressure roller 7 inch

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Foam rollers
Rollers to apply the sealant / pearl protection

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Protection & Care

Slate-Lite Extreme Protection
Slate-Lite Extreme Protection is a two-component protective sealer with previous primer for the highest loads in various applications. The sealer is suitable for walls and floors indoors as well as for wet areas and reliably protects the stone surface of Slate-Lite against soiling. The surface to be processed must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. First apply the primer with a foam roller in a crisscross pattern. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid the formation of bubbles. Allow the primer to dry for at least 3 hours. Mix the two components in the specified ratio of 5:1. Apply the mixed product evenly with a foam roller. Again, apply only light pressure, otherwise white bubbles may appear. Allow to dry for a sufficiently long time. Clean equipment with water immediately after use.Multiple applications increase the protective effect.Easy cleaningSmooth surfaceNo to slight color deepeningConsumption: approx. 0,026-0,030 lbs/sq.ft per coatSuitable for: Walls, shower & bathResistance: Highminimum 1 coat: surfaces with low load, wet areas in shower & bathMin. 2-fold application: surfaces with high load such as tile backsplash in kitchensSuitable for wet areas, but not for standing waterDownload: datasheet

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